Hartan Collection Mercedes Benz

The pushchair avant-garde

From function to experience

With the new Mercedes-Benz pushchairs by Hartan, the offspring of style awareness and driving experience are literally already in the cradle. Here, ergonomic functionality, proven safety and innovative materials combine with a modern, sporty look, developed in close consultation with the design department of Mercedes-Benz.

A special highlight are the sporty 5-double-spoked wheels in an AMG-inspired design and with suspension and air-chamber tyres, which are also available for the new C-class.

Adjustable GTX seat unit with ventilation zone and silent adjustable canopy, fold-out sun visor and telescopic push-bar are other practical features of the high-quality design.

For the first few months, the folding cot can be installed on the chassis in just one click. The carry cot is extremely lightweight, rapid to install and ergonomically padded. A special highlight is the adjustable backrest which provides comfort for baby and parents.


Model Avantgarde Dessin 440

Model Avantgarde
Dessin 440

Model Avantgarde Dessin 441

Model Avantgarde
Dessin 441

Model Avantgarde Dessin 444

Model Avantgarde
Dessin 444

Model Avantgarde Dessin 445

Model Avantgarde
Dessin 445


Fabric covers "Invictory"

following the car-interior

Fabric Dessin 440

Dessin 440

Fabric Dessin 441

Dessin 441

Fabric Dessin 444

Dessin 444

Fabric Dessin 445

Dessin 445

Fold-out sun visor

for maximum sun protection

fold-out sun-visor Dessin 440
fold-out sun-visor Dessin 441
fold-out sun-visor Dessin 444
fold-out sun-visor Dessin 445

Frame colours

a feeling like driving a "big" Mercedes

chassis silvercloud


chassis espresso


chassis topas


chassis silvercloud


Handle covering

in leather look and with double seam

Black handle with light grey seam

Black handle with light grey seam

Brown handle with light grey seam

Brown handle with light grey seam

Black handle with light grey seam

Black handle with light grey seam

Black handle with light grey seam

Black handle with light grey seam


following the AMG-Design with double spokes and high-quality surface finish.

Solight-Ecco air chamber wheels ensure a optimum driving comfort.



Perfect organizer for the storage of cell phones, keys, ...    more

Bag2Go Dessin 440
Bag2Go Dessin 441
Bag2Go Dessin 444
Bag2Go Dessin 445


Folding cot Premium

Folding cot "Premium"

especially lightweight and dimensionally stable
including folding-function

Bed linen

80 x 80 cm und 35 x 40 cm,
with little stars and Mercedes Benz application

Bed linen Dessin 440
Bed linen Dessin 441
Bed linen Dessin 444
Bed linen Dessin 445


Mercedes-Benz Style (fixing at the hoop guard)

Parasol Dessin 440
Parasol Dessin 441
Parasol Dessin 444
Parasol Dessin 445

Nappy bag

designed by Mercedes-Benz, stylish, ...    more

Nappy bag Dessin 440
Nappy bag Dessin 441
Nappy bag Dessin 444
Nappy bag Dessin 445


Perfect allround-footmuff for the seating-unit ...    more

Footmuff Dessin 440
Footmuff Dessin 441
Footmuff Dessin 444
Footmuff Dessin 445


protection against wind and cooling

Apron Dessin 440
Apron Dessin 441
Apron Dessin 444
Apron Dessin 445

Head rest

for protection and for stability of the sensitive ...    more

Head rest Dessin 440
Head rest Dessin 441
Head rest Dessin 444
Head rest Dessin 445

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