Buggy1 by Hartan

Buggy1 by Hartan by Hartan

The new and fascinating collection Buggy1 by Hartan escorts your baby well-cared and safe on all ways.

"Buggy1" – this means products suitable for children and developed to the newest techniques. Imparts a safe feeling for parents all over the world and facilitate the day-to-day life.

The special needs of your baby are at the heart of our work.

We have a special responsibility for you being able to enjoy all time spending with your baby.

Our team wish you many happy moments with the unique Buggy1.


Off on vacation!

The perfect companion for the most beautiful days of the year.



Dessin No. 165 Dessin No. 166 Dessin No. 167 Dessin No. 168
Ultra compact & light!
Bit folded

Folding size 54 x 45 x 36 cm
Weight approx. 6,5 kg

Shoulder strap included
Bit Shoulder strap
Adapter optionally available as an accessory
Bit with Adapter

Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix, Pebble plus, Pebble Pro i-Size, Rock, Coral, Tinka, Marble / Cybex Aton Q, Cloud Q, M i-size, Cloud Z i-Size / HTS Be Safe iZi Go / Joie i-Gemm


One for on the go!

Compact folding, light and agile.
With extra big wheels and great suspension.



Dessin No. 165 Dessin No. 166 Dessin No. 167 Dessin No. 168
Compact & light!
i-maxx folded

Folding size 66 x 58 x 29 cm
Weight approx. 8,4 kg

Handle covering in leather optic
i-maxx handle covering
Fold-out hood
i-maxx hood
Big swivel wheels
i-maxx swivel wheels